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I´m a freelance journalist in Stockholm. I provide editorial content services, ranging from print to websites. 

My main topics are working life and science. I also do stories about people, places, ideas, art and design. Most of what I write is in Swedish, but I also did a few stories on popular Science in English (see below) and have some translating experience (en-sw).  

Please also look at my photographs and graphics!  (under Foto resp Grafik) 

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you need coverage from Sweden!

Member of the Swedish Association of Publicists (Publicistklubben) and Swedish Federation of Journalists (Journalistförbundet).

Original stories in English:

From the building of AlbaNova at Fysikum, Stockholm University, professor Sollerman and his team hunts for Supernovae
From the building of AlbaNova at Fysikum, Stockholm University, an exciting global collaboration project forms as professor Sollerman and his team hunts for Supernovae
Loft, the Scandinavian Bookazine
Stories on this page were originally published in the Scandinavian Bookazine Loft.
A story on how Swedish Government handed out tax reductions and gave subsidies to an entrepreneur growing crops for ethanol in Africa
Photo: Mattias Edwall
Photo: Mattias Edwall

On Cirkus Cirkör and the significance of Mattias Edwall´s pictures. 

Designer Eero Koivisto of Claesson Koivisto Rune explains why design really matters
070 Garden design-page-009
Passage by the water of Motala Ström at Holmens Bruk, Norrköping, designed by Andersson and his team.

He´s a sought after speaker from Harvard in the West to Japan in the East. Professor Torbjörn Andersson designs locations for people to thrive in. In this feature, internationally renowned Urban Designer Torbjörn Andersson explains the different layers of a city and what it means to be a zen aesthetic.

Neutrino detection at Antarctica, an exciting venture during long winters and harsh circumstances, pushes the boundaries of human knowledge

Scientists agree that at least two more women should have been awarded the Nobel for Physics. One of them is Dame Bell-Burnell, and I interviewed her.  

acai-page-001Photo feature from the Amazon delta.

Cradle to Cradle. A circular economy.  I met some local enthusiasts and let them speak their minds.